Tunalysis - analyse your iTunes music library

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Tunalysis is a small(ish) Ruby script that will read your iTunes library, crunch numbers, and gives you a few interesting facts about it, such as: Total number of songs Total number of playlists Average song length Average bitrate Average play count Average skip count Total time spent listening to music Some of these statistics are already available in iTunes, but Tunalysis ultimate goal is to expand iTunes (limited) stats and to give you hindsight on your musical habits and tastes.

Tunneling iTunes through SSH

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If you want to listen to your music library on the go, you can tunnel iTunes through SSH in a few easy steps. First of all, you have to enable sharing in iTunes: iTunes > Preferences > Sharing > Share my library on my local network. This will announce your library on your local network using multicast DNS, provided by Apple's implementation of zeroconf: Bonjour. The library can then be accessed on port 3689 of the computer mDNS announced.

Slim down applications: Trimmit


Applications on Mac OS typically include a lot of stuff most people won't use daily, especially translations in foreign languages and builds for different architectures (x86, x86_64, PPC and PPC 64 bits). A handful of utilities exist to trim down applications. I personally use Trimmit, a free-as-in-beer software that gives excellent results, as long as it's used carefully. For example, let's take the latest version of iTunes (v9.1) under Snow Leopard.

Seitunes, an iTunes command-line interface

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My home main computer is a MacBook Pro, on which I frequently play music with iTunes. However, I'm often on my laptop, without direct access to the MBP's screen or keyboard/mouse to pause, change song, change volume, etc. I can connect to the MBP using VNC, but I was looking for something more lightweight. I therefore decided to design a command-line interface for iTunes, that I would run via SSH. I called it Seitunes for reasons I can't really remember right now, but there it is!