Seitunes, an iTunes command-line interface

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My home main computer is a MacBook Pro, on which I frequently play music with iTunes. However, I'm often on my laptop, without direct access to the MBP's screen or keyboard/mouse to pause, change song, change volume, etc. I can connect to the MBP using VNC, but I was looking for something more lightweight.

I therefore decided to design a command-line interface for iTunes, that I would run via SSH. I called it Seitunes for reasons I can't really remember right now, but there it is!

Seitunes is


Display iTunes playing track and status

Seitunes main screen

Control iTunes playback (play/pause, volume, next song/previous song)

Seitunes, main screen, playing, with help

If iTunes is stopped when Seitunes starts, it starts iTunes and starts a song from the Library.

To do

Add more tests to better check iTunes state and not trigger Applescript errors Add info about playlists in order to be able to play a specific playlist instead of the whole library Add an option to toggle shuffle Implement the “quit iTunes” function and check that it doesn't cause more Applescript problems

Known bugs

An error message flickers when an Applescript error is triggered (often when iTunes quit while Seitunes is opened)