In Maven, LESS is less

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Sorry, this is a rant. I was recently investigating Maven plugins for LESS compilation. The use-case is pretty run-of-the-mill (I think?): I want to be able to write a .less file anywhere in my project src/ folder and have Maven compile it to CSS in the corresponding folder in target/ at some point of the build pipeline. I first looked into lesscss-maven-plugin, a short-and-sweet kind of tool that looks perfect if you have one (and only one) target folder for all of your CSS.

Photocard - a Java postcard generator


As a school project, we recently finished Photocard, a Java application for Linux that allows you to design postcards (‘we’ as in a couple of other students & me). Basically, Photocard listens to /media/ for an USB key, lets you chose a blueprint for your card (that might contain text and pictures), then drag and drop pictures into that blueprint, retouch them, and print your card (actually save it to /tmp/).